The nice® system is flexible and very easy-to-use

nice -
Networked Integrated Cabin Equipment

The nice way of life

nice is a fully integrated and certified Ethernet-based cabin management and inflight entertainment system for business jets and VIP aircraft of all sizes.
The new nice HD system requires fewer components than the original nice system, has more bandwidth, and is designed to distribute High Definition content.


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What is nice?

nice is a modular and highly flexible Ethernet (IP) based cabin management and inflight entertainment system that offers passengers an easy and simple way to control cabin functions such as lighting, entertain themselves with audio and/or video, and remain productive with internet connectivity.

The standard IP protocol network can support many options from Live TV, Audio Video on Demand up to moving map systems like Lufthansa Technik’s niceview™ or external and/or internal camera systems.

Facts about nice

First installed and certified in 2003, the nice system has become the acknowledged industry standard for high-quality in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems on large VIP and smaller business jets. nice systems are being used by kings, sultans, business men, high-net individuals and corporate flight departments around the world.

Flying on over 300 aircraft today the nice system has been judged by many aircraft owners as the best cabin management, communication and entertainment systems on the market today! For more information please check out the nice Features

Modular with many options

Since it is based on the Ethernet standard, nice is highly configurable. The open architecture allows for system changes and upgrades to be made without expensive rewiring. The flexible network allows LHT to offer a large number of equipment options or packages.

Moreover, nice is the only system on the market that has been installed on aircraft as large as a 747 and as small as a Challenger 300; indeed, nice HD was recently selected by Bombardier as baseline CMS for the Learjet 70, Learjet 75 and Learjet 85 programs. Please check out our equipment overview nice devices

Intelligent and easy-to-use controls

The nice system offers various wired or wireless remote controls to perform cabin management. Having the VIP Customer in mind all Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are highly intuitive and very easy-to-use. That is why the nice system is generally recognized in the industry as having the best in-class user interface. nice system customers do not need user guides to learn how to operate the system. Please check out all nice control devices