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Satellite Internet

With a Satcom antenna and receiver connected to the nice® system via the Mobile Access Router, passengers can access the Internet using their carry-on notebooks in the cabin during flight. Both Inmarsat and broadband (Ku-Band) systems are supported.

Satellite telephone/fax

With a Satcom antenna and receiver connected to the nice® system, on-board telephones can be used in the cabin and faxes can be sent or received in flight.

Satellite live TV

With a satellite TV connected to the nice® system, satellite broadcast TV channels can be watched in the cabin and controlled like other audio/video sources.

Satellite live radio/XM radio

With a satellite live radio connected to the nice® system XM broadcast radio (USA) channels can be played in the cabin or through the seat head phone jacks and controlled like other audio sources.

External cameras

3rd party cameras can be interfaced, controlled and their signals distributed via the nice® system using the Lufthansa Technik Quad MPEG Encoder capable of streaming signals of 4 different audio/video sources.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) interface

With the cockpit interface it is possible to integrate non-critical cockpit equipment such as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to control the nice® system.  Learn more ...

Moving map systems

Moving map/flight information systems can be interfaced and controlled though the nice® system. Of course Lufthansa Technik's innovative and award winning moving map system niceviewTM can be controlled via the nice® system, too.   Learn more ...