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Scroll Wheel

Full control while leaned back

The scroll wheel allows you to easily navigate the GUI on nice® HD control displays, by “scrolling” a wheel with a finger or thumb. Simply scroll up or down on the corresponding animated GUI and push to enter the chosen function. The scroll wheel is combined with simple buttons for table light, reading light, and calling the flight attendant. Typically the scroll wheels and buttons are mounted into side ledges near the arm rests of the seats.

Scroll Wheel

Customer advantages

  • Three Buttons and One Scroll Wheel for rotating up/down and press function
  • Alterable Button backlight for status notification
  • USB Interface
  • Customer selected metal platings

Short specification*

Dimensions (L x W x H):

18 x 115 x 38 mm


0.13 kg

Power requirements:

Voltage: 28 VDC
Max. current: 100 mA
Continuous current: 100 mA

*For further information regarding specifications and technical datasheets please contact us.