nice® HD – Business jet infotainment redefined

High-definition moving map system – Flying in a new dimension

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you or your passenger had an enjoyable and entertaining flight – and that they reached their destination with a smile on their face?
A truly innovative in-flight infotainment system can make all the difference for the travelers on board. »niceview« takes your passengers on an adventure and puts them in the captain’s seat. Experiencing the same cockpit views as the pilots is just the beginning. Normally a privilege of space travelers, »niceview« provides an impressive presentation of the earth together with a 3D aircraft image at the current geographic location along with the plane’s flight path.
Departure, cruise flight and approach can be witnessed in life-like 3D views. Regardless of outside conditions, exceptional
perspectives and virtual flights can be generated with configurable virtual camera angles – to name just a few of the many possibilities.
»niceview« is an integral part of Lufthansa Technik’s market-leading »nice« in-flight entertainment and cabin management system for business jets. It is available in standard, advanced and fully customized packages. These »niceview« options create a truly enjoyable and entertaining experience throughout the entire flight. Let the adventure begin!

Customized screens

Option 1: Customized screens

Accessible on demand, this functionality allows you to show individualized screens such as welcome messages, customer logos or default screens on all bulkhead and seat displays in the cabin.

Ultra-high resolution

Option 2: Ultra-high resolution

For departure and approach, ultra-high resolution imagery of selected airports and cities creates life-like views to the outside independent of the actual visibility conditions.

Customized paint scheme

Option 3: Customized paint scheme

For the ultimate experience of the virtual view, the depicted aircraft can show your real jet´s livery.

Text language options

Option 4: Text language options

The language of any written content can be selected according to your wishes and specifications.

High resolution maps

Option 5: High resolution maps

Enjoy breathtaking scenes with the high resolution imagery of the world, independent of weather conditions or the time of day.

Relative location indicator

Option 6: Relative location indicator

Data from the aircraft systems enables the presentation of various 2D and 3D views during cruise flight, giving real-time orientation and indicating the relative location of specified cities and other points of interests.

Customized overwing view

Option 7: Customized overwing view

Based on the individual aircraft’s type and paint scheme, the customizable imagery allows passengers to enjoy spectacular scenes from a virtual seat including city names and positions. The depiction of aircraft structures is optional.

Global points of interest

Option 8: Global points of interest

For a fully customized infotainment experience, any location can be specified in the system as a point of interest, allowing passengers to familiarize themselves with their surroundings throughout their flight.

»niceview« packages

»niceview« already comes loaded with standard features that allow passengers to fly in a new dimension of entertainment on board. The standard catalog options can be enhanced, e.g. by adding further maps, languages or airports. To make full use of the bandwidth and flexibility of »niceview« for an individual customer application, a fully customized combination of options and specifications creates the ultimate in-flight infotainment package.