CSI – Customer Service Innovation

How can we help you?

At Innovation's headquarters, experienced technicians and engineers are available in the 24/7 customer support center providing technical support, training, product information and on-site support.

How to get in touch?


US: +1 844 334 2224
EU: +49 40 5070 63673


Support: csi@lht.dlh.de
Components: nice.components@lht.dlh.de

24/7 Customer Support

Bombardier Customers' first contact

Please find detailed trouble shooting information on Bombardier Smart Fix Plus

or call the Bombardier Customer Response Center +1-866-538-1247 (toll free North America) more.

System Services

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Hotline & Remote Assistance

A team of experienced technicians and engineers will help you with any technical questions. These questions can range from additional functions you would like to add to any discrepancies. Whatever the question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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On-Site Support

In case that an issue cannot be solved on the phone or via email, we will send someone on-site to do troubleshooting personally. In addition to the Hamburg staff, we have positioned on-site personnel at different places for faster global support.

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System Upgrades

We are developing new Software features and even Hardware upgrades continuously. So if you are interested in updating your system to the latest technologies, do not hesitate to contact us. It would be a pleasure for us to provide you with latest news of your individual system.


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Training for Crews & Technicians

Make your crew and yourself a nice® professional. We offer trainings at different locations and different focus in regards of content. Tell us your needs and we create you an individual training or let you know about the schedule of the upcoming standard trainings.

Trouble Shooting Tools

After an On-Site Trouble Shooting Session many customers are excited about our portable customized tools. Make your life easier and your operation much more efficient right now and let us know about wishes and needs concerning Trouble Shooting Tools.


Component Service

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Repaired and Spare Components

Whenever you need to exchange components or extend your stock, our support team will provide you all the options of repaired and new components to fulfill your needs in terms of quality, lead time and price.