nice® aid Troubleshooting and Maintenance Kit

The swiss army knife for maintaining nice®

nice® HD aid kit

Lufthansa Technik’s troubleshooting kits nice® aid are designed to support the avionics technicians in troubleshooting / maintaining the installation of the Lufthansa Technik Ethernet inflight entertainment (IFE) and cabin management system (CMS) nice® (networked integrated cabin equipment).

These nice® aid kits include all the necessary tools to enable to test all wiring and components of the nice® CMS installed on any aircraft. The nice® aid kit will become your preferred tool for any troubleshooting the nice® CMS.


nice aid kit case

They are suited for use in numerous aircraft environments.

Download nice® aid brochure for nice standard definition (in use onboard Challenger 300, 605 and VIPs).

Download nice® HD aid brochure for nice high definition (in use onboard Challenger 350, 650, Learjet 70, 75 and VIPs).

Customer advantages

  • Includes many helpful tools such as the Ethernet tester and multimeter
  • Adapters are customized to check various connectors of power and signal