nice® HD – Business jet infotainment redefined

HD upgrade for the Learjet 70/75: More options – more entertainment

The »nice« system is the acknowledged industry standard for high-quality in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems on large and small business jets. If you have it in your aircraft, you already know how great it is not to have to get up to change a CD or DVD, to start your favorite Blu-ray movie on an HD display, or to adjust the cabin lighting to create the desired mood. Now there are even more possibilities for you to access all the cabin, communications and entertainment devices on board right from your seat: An array of additional options that is more than just “nice to have” creates an even more enjoyable infotainment experience throughout the entire flight.

Blu-ray player

Option 1: Blu-ray player

The nice HD Media Center provides an additional Blu-ray disc drive with the following benefits: It allows simultaneous watching, and in combination with the option AVOD for the »nice HD « Media Center, it offers 250 GB of additional storage capacity for movies, songs or pictures.

SiriusXM radio

Option 2: SiriusXM radio

This option provides two SiriusXM radio channels which can be selected on the nice HD GUI and controlled through the crew panel or from the master seat location.

VIP Control Panel

Option 3: Upgrade to »niceview 3D«

All Learjets have »niceview 2D« as a baseline installation. If the aircraft is equipped with a Blu-ray player, »niceview« can be upgraded to a 3D configuration that provides worldwide, high-resolution 3D maps and virtual flights designed to create the ultimate flight information and viewing experience. Also, your customized paint scheme for the »niceview« software can be provided instead of the generic Bombardier livery.

AVOD software for media server

Option 4: AVOD software for media server

The Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) software opens up a world of possibilities for you. On top of streaming all data stored on the nice HD media center to all seats, it allows you to play your own music and video files right at your seat.

AVOD software for local USB players

Option 5: AVOD software for local USB players

An additional USB port in the cabin allows you to play media from your own USB stick. Stored data can be accessed and controlled by any MSL or crew panel in the cabin. One video, audio or picture stream can be featured via bulkhead monitors or cabin speakers and selected on-seat displays and headphones.

VIP Control Panel

Option 6: »nice« remote app

The nice app provides remote control functions on all mobile Apple devices. It transforms tablets and smartphones into nice system controllers, enabling the VIP or crew members to control all cabin functions just as with the VIP or Galley Control Panel. The graphical user interface dynamically adapts to all possible screen sizes and device orientations. The app provides the utmost in flexibility for passengers: one installation on your device works on any aircraft with nice on board. The app works not only while a movie is being shown, for example, but also when changing seats or moving through the cabin.

Customized screens

Option 7: Customized screens

Accessible on demand, this functionality allows you to show individualized screens such as welcome messages, customer logos or default screens on all bulkhead and seat displays in the cabin.

Foreign language briefings

Option 8: Foreign language briefings

Customizable for each A/C, optional audio briefings for take-off and landing as well as for flights over water and through turbulence are available in: English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian or customized.

Master seat relocation

Option 9: Master seat relocation

If desired, you may relocate the master seat functionality from seat 2 to another specified location. The main functionality of controlling the large cabin screen and speakers moves to the selected seat.

Additional master seat

Option 10: Additional master seat

The nice HD system can define more than one master seat at the same time. All cabin functions can then be controlled from the different master seats.