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Digital Audio Power Amplifier

Low noise sound machine

For overhead audio, the nice® HD system offers a 330 Watt Digital Audio Amplifier (APA). It eliminates quality loss of analog audio signal distributions and can be calibrated for specific cabin sound requirements. Lufthansa Technik engineers will take measurements in the cabin and finely tune and equalize the amplifier to match the individual cabin sound characteristics.

Audio Power Amplifier

Customer advantages

  • Two  flight deck PA audio input channels
  • Two flight deck sidetone channels
  • One logical S/PDIF input
  • Six high power (each 90W) audio output channels (total output power: 330W)
  • Nine keyline inputs
  • Two firewire interfaces
  • One logical S/PDIF output
  • One analog audio output
  • Control via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Full audio switching, equalizer, dynamic range compression, Signal filtering, chime tone generator
  • PA mode/ entertainment mode

Short specification*

Dimensions (L x W x H):

238 x 190 x 60 mm


2.2 Kg

Power requirements:

Voltage: 28 VDC
Max. current: 15 A

*For further information regarding specifications and technical datasheets please contact us.