nice® HD – Business jet infotainment redefined

Upgrades for the Challenger 300 – Connected to the future

There is no reason to wait – the in-flight entertainment system of your Challenger 300 already carries all the genes of the future. All you need to connect your aircraft to your ideas is here. Wouldn’t you like the aircraft interfaces to welcome you with customized screens? How about starting your favorite Blu-ray movie on a high-definition display, playing your own audio and video files from your personal devices, or presetting the cabin lighting to create the desired mood? Global broadband connectivity turns your Challenger 300 into an office in the sky and puts the world at your fingertips. The catalog of  additional options from Lufthansa Technik is much more than just “nice to have” – it creates a new experience throughout the entire flight.

option 1 HD upgrade

Many talk about it, but Lufthansa Technik can do it: legal streaming of high definition (HD) videos in business jets via the IFE network. Thanks to Ethernet expertise in business jets that has been developed and demonstrated over years, nice® HD puts Lufthansa Technik in the unique position of being able to offer a system that fulfills the high standards of the major Hollywood labels through absolutely secure DRM.

Option 1: HD upgrade

HD bulkhead displays
Aesthetically pleasing and optimal for viewing in the cabin, the new high-definition (HD) flat-panel displays replace the two existing bulkhead displays. The existing mounts and cutouts are used for the installation.
Media center
Offering an array of entertainment possibilities, a media center comprising a Blu-ray player and an audio/video on demand (AVOD) server replaces the DVD player. Existing mounting tray and closeout are used.
Media ports Additional ports for USB sticks, Ethernet and HDMI media allow you to connect your personal consumer devices to the in-flight entertainment system, with audio/video selection via GUI and playback on bulkhead displays.
New graphical user interface
A new full-color graphical user interface (GUI) customized to the Challenger 300 cabin environment completes the in-flight entertainment installations and makes the selection of video and audio files even simpler.

SiriusXM radio

Option 2: SiriusXM radio

Satellite-based radio system with two channels of commercialfree music can be selected via the GUI and controlled through the crew panel or from the master seat location.

Cockpit audio

Option 3: Cockpit audio

This highly enjoyable and unique entertainment feature enables the passengers to listen to the cockpit communications throughout the flight.

AVIATOR 350 enhanced

Option 4: AVIATOR 350 enhanced

Integrating Lufthansa Technik’s remote cabin control (»nice« IFE/CMS installed) and enhanced for wireless Challenger 300 connectivity, the AVIATOR 350 enhanced (Premium) merges global voice and high-speed data through a single installation (available also as AVIATOR 300 in Standard and Entry configuration). Turning your aircraft into an office in the sky, enhanced connectivity using SwiftBroadband satellite communications allows executives and decision makers to stay online even during long-distance flights.

The AVIATOR 350 enhanced is a joint development by Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services, with satellite communications provided by Satcom Direct.

Customizable lighting presets

Option 5: Customizable lighting presets

Customizable lighting presets allow you to create your own lighting preset configuration, and rename existing lighting presets as desired.

Individualized displays

Option 6: Individualized displays

Software changes allow you to change the graphics on the galley control panel, the passenger control unit and the 20” bulkhead display to your individual logo/company design.

VGA and game ports

Option 7: VGA and game ports

GA on the forward and/or aft 20” displays accept a high-quality analog video signal from various standalone sources such as laptops or game consoles (Cinch/RCA connector).

Fin camera

Option 8: Fin camera

The wide-angle camera at the top of the tail provides a panoramic view of the sky and landscape ahead on the cabin displays.

Glare shield camera

Option 9: Glare shield camera

With a camera installed at the glare shield in the cockpit, the flight crew’s view is shown on the cabin displays.