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HD Galley Control Panel

Easy access to all cabin functions

Full system and configuration controls are made available to the crew via a 7” HD Galley Control Panel (GCP) typically located in the galley area. It offers the same control functions as the HD Control and Media Displays with additional access to system monitoring and administration functions integrated into the same intuitive GUI concept. The control function in combination with the integrated headphone jack allows the crew to test audio and video sources before activating them on cabin devices.

System administration

The entire nice® HD system can be administrated via the HD Galley Control Panel by having access to the configuration database, configuration firmware and system applications. The HD Galley Control Panel is the central point from which the system is configured and updated. It ensures that maintenance procedures and reconfigurations of the system are simple and easy. To update the system configuration all you have to do is plug-in a storage device into the USB port at the HD Galley Control Panel.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Lufthansa Technik’s third generation nice® Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed to adapt to a wide range of aircraft types and customer requirements. It is designed around a simple scroll wheel integrated with an animated color GUI from which user selections are easily made. The interface also includes a touch screen mode, so that the user can make selections by using the scroll wheel or touching the screen of the Passenger Control Unit. The GUI offers a high degree of freedom in software customization with regard to display layout and color adjustments.

Customer advantages

  • Allows crew to control entire cabin functions
  • Video preview for signal testing (10")
  • System monitoring, maintenance and call system pages
  • Display video content, playback audio via headphone jack
  • Brightness adjustment
  • One serial video and audio interface
  • USB Interface

Short specification*


7” LCD touch Display (800 x 480)

Dimensions (L x W x H):

21.5 x 185 x 120 mm


0.6 kg

Power requirements:

Voltage: 28 VDC
Max. current: 180mA
Continuous current: 180mA


*For further information regarding specifications and technical datasheets please contact us.