nice upgrade

Challenger 300

High Definition Upgrade

The nice® system in your aircraft was designed with the future in mind. Lufthansa Technik has a High Definition video system upgrade designed specifically to take advantage of the current nice® system and the Ethernet backbone installed in the Challenger 300.  The upgrade requires minimal wiring and hardware installation changes and allows for HD digital streaming on the nice® network.

nice upgrade GUI

Basic System Upgrade

  • 2ea HD Bulkhead Monitors with internal decoders
  • Media Server Unit – Blu-ray Player and content server
  • Audio and Video on Demand (AVoD)
  • 1ea HDMI ports

  • 1ea USB ports

  • Advanced Color Graphical User Interface

Basic Kit Offers

Noise-free high resolution picture

Replacement of 20” standard definition LCDs with 20” HD Smart Displays with internal decoding for a noise-free high resolution

Media Center Unit

Media Center Unit includes Blu-ray Player,
AVoD server and optional moving map server

Audio Video on Demand server

AVoD server functionality allows stored content to be individually streamed to the forward and aft displays.

Loading content to the AVoD server

Loading content to the AVoD server is an easy task via the USB interface in the front of the Media Center Unit. 

Encoded USB port

Encoded USB port allows private content playback or consumer device integration to
the forward and aft displays. 

HDMI interface

HDMI interface allows consumer devices to be connected to the forward display.

Wireless Access Point

Upgrade software is compatible with standard industry audio and video formats.

Wireless Access Point

Software Update and advanced Color Graphical User Interface.

For more information about the nice® upgrade download our brochure.